Local beer for pre-dinner drinks on deck

apéritif sur le pont

The craft brewery in Serre-Ponçon (B.A.S.P.) provides local liquid for your pre-dinner drinks afloat on your Houseboat on the Lake.

Take in a visit to Chorges, near Serre-Ponçon lake, to taste the beers from the craft brewery in Serre-Ponçon, B.A.S.P. Nicolas Garcin and David Allesio have produced a range that packs plenty of personality.

Local production: in partnership with the GAEC Les Jardins de Chabrières, a collective family farm, the brewers grow barley and hops on the upper slopes above the lake. The crops used to make B.A.S.P.’s beer have been carefully selected to adapt to the Serre-Ponçon lake climate. And the beers from the craft brewery in Serre-Ponçon are all brewed with spring water from Les Écrins.

A beer for everyone! The craft brewery’s brand-new boutique markets a great range of craft beers. Our personal favourites: the Glaci’ale, a white beer with a hint of lemon verbena, the Dure à Cuire, an amber beer with a whiff of wild strawberry and biscuit-y taste, and the Culminante, a lager flavoured with juniper berry liqueur. You can stock up on these short-circuit products during your houseboat stay, for pre-dinner drinks.


Z.A Grande Île Nord


Monday: 10h30-12h30 and 15h-17h30

Tuesday: 10h30-12h30 and 15h-17h30

wednesday: 10h30-12h30 and 15h-17h30

Thursday: 10h30-12h30 and 15h-17h30

Friday: 10h30-12h30 and 15h-17h30

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