Terms of Sales

1. Reservations / Payments

The reservation is effective upon receipt of the confirmation email from the “Toues Cabanées du Lac” as well as the full payment made through the PAPAM secure online payment module. You will then receive a confirmation email with practical information about your stay.


Any reservation made less than 1 month before the beginning of the stay must be paid in full at the time of booking.

In case of non respect of this schedule, the contract will be cancelled by right and without any formality, the collected sums remaining in any case acquired.

The reservation option is defined at the time of booking and is the subject of a written email. Once the deadline has passed, without confirmation on your part and without receiving a confirmation email, and consequently in the absence of payment, the reservation will be automatically cancelled and the accommodation will be released for rent.

Conditions for reservations by gift vouchers (Box, gift cards,…)
In the case of a reservation offered through a third party, the reservation confirmation voucher with the reservation number is mandatory to receive the keys. If the gift voucher is not presented, in the absence of proof, the rental will have to be paid in full in order to obtain the keys (subject to availability).
Persons wishing to offer a reservation as a gift must pay the total amount of the service desired at the time of reservation or purchase of the gift voucher.

Please note that for all firm reservations, the client is required to provide a telephone number, an e-mail address and a nationality on which he/she can be reached, including on the day of arrival.

2. Deposit

A deposit of 500€ is required as a guarantee in the form of a pre-authorization (sending a secure email to guarantee the reservation). This deposit will be returned if no damage is found after the inventory of fixtures and inventory.

Inventory and inventory of fixtures:
The inventory has been done before your arrival and we provide you with a clean and good condition accommodation. The final inventory and inventory of fixtures are done by our cleaning staff.
Please report any problems with the cleanliness or condition of your accommodation immediately after your arrival.
Any complaint not reported immediately will not be received and you will be responsible for any problems found.
In the event of a problem with the cleanliness, furniture or the accommodation itself, you will be asked to pay any costs incurred in restoring it to its original condition. After payment, the deposit will be returned to you.

Bed linen and towels are provided, however they may not be used outside the accommodation or for any other purpose than that for which they are provided.
During the final cleaning, if they are found in bad condition or missing, they will be charged to the tenant.

3. Means of payment accepted

An email is sent at the time of the confirmation of the stay, a second one will contain a link of payment on line and protected, once this stage carried out, your stay is officially confirmed.

4. Arrival and departure times

You can take possession of your accommodation between 3.30 pm and 6.30 pm on the day of your arrival (daytime check-in is compulsory) and you must leave it before 11 am on the day of your departure.
The respect of the arrival and departure times guarantees the good maintenance of the rented premises.

We cannot guarantee your reception on the spot, if you arrive after 6:30 pm.
In case of unforeseen event delaying you, you must imperatively contact us at the number provided on your voucher.

If however the accommodation is not released at the scheduled time (i.e. before 11:00 am), a supplement will be charged to the tenant.

5. Modification or cancellation

– Notified by yourself BEFORE your arrival
If you are forced to cancel your reservation, send a written notification immediately.
For any cancelled stay:

If the tenant does not show up on the day of arrival, the contract becomes null and void and the total amount of the rental is retained. In this case, Les Toues Cabanées du Lac will have the right to re-rent the accommodation.

– Notified by the team of Toues Cabanées du lac BEFORE your stay
In the event of a weather or flood alert, with external events announced, beyond our control, such as heavy rains, storms or thunderstorms, the management reserves the right to cancel your stay for safety reasons. In this context, we will suggest postponing your stay to a later date, within the current 12 months. If you have already left your home, we will offer to relocate you to other types of accommodation at no extra charge. And in this case only.
If none of these offers satisfy you, the full amount paid will be refunded; no other compensation can be claimed.

– Notified by yourself ON SITE
If the stay is shortened for any reason whatsoever, the total rental price remains acquired. No refund will be made.

– Notified by the team of Toues Cabanées du lac ON SITE
In the event of a weather alert or flood alert, with external events announced, beyond our control, such as heavy rains, storms or thunderstorms, the management reserves the right to cancel your night in Toue Cabané, for reasons of security. Relocation to other types of accommodation will be offered according to our availability and without supplement, and in this case only. No other compensation can be claimed. Only if we did not have a relocation solution available, the full amount paid will be refunded to you or you will be offered a date deferral, within the current 12 months.

-Early departure
In the event of early departure, you will not be able to claim any form of reimbursement.

6. Tariffs

Our prices are inclusive of all taxes.
Our prices include the rental of accommodation and its equipment, charges (water, electricity, heating), bed linen (beds are made on arrival), towels and access to the activities of free recreation on the site.
Our prices do not include personal consumption (picnic, packed lunch, various supplements, rentals, etc.), access to paid leisure activities, the deposit).

Tariffs and specific financial provisions
The applicable rates are those presented on the website of our online reservation center. All dates that can be rented are shown. The prices can be changed at any time by the company without having to notify it in advance. In the event of a modification of the rates, any reservation already made and validated by the payment of a deposit remains firm and under the conditions defined at the time of the reservation: no modification of the price of a reservation can be taken into account. prior to a change in prices, whether to the advantage or disadvantage of the customer.

Promotions are effective from their date of validity on our website. These promotions are in no way retroactive or valid after their expiry date.
Exceptional offers cannot be combined with each other or with permanent offers.
However, the times and availability are to be confirmed with the reservations department 24 to 48 hours before your arrival.

Accommodation capacity and occupant categories Each accommodation has a maximum accommodation capacity defined on the website of our online reservation center. When making your reservation, you are required to correctly enter the actual number of adults, children and infants who will be occupying the accommodation. For safety and insurance reasons, we ask you to respect this number of declared occupants (baby included). The company reserves the right to be able to come and check the number and age of the occupants of a dwelling at any time in the event of a suspected breach of the rule.

Final cleaning of the accommodation, we want to offer our customers clean accommodation on arrival. This is the reason why cleaning is included in the price (excluding the kitchen area, the dishes must be done and the bins emptied). However, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that we take care of the cleaning of an accommodation that has been used under improved hygienic conditions and with respect for the equipment.
If we were to find that the accommodation is returned in an unusually dirty condition and requiring longer cleaning than usual, you would be charged at the rate of € 50 incl.VAT / hour for the extra hours spent cleaning.

Modification of your reservation, date or type of accommodation, made by the company:

In case of necessity and only in exceptional cases which cannot be arranged otherwise, we reserve the right to modify your reservation for a stay. This change can only be made to your advantage, either by offering you accommodation on the same date at a rate at least equivalent if not higher, either by offering you to stay on the scheduled date in accommodation at a lower price but with compensation, or by offering you another date of stay. This compensation can be expressed in 3 different ways for which we let you choose at your convenience:

7. Special conditions Toues Cabanées

We decline all responsibility in the event of an accident if you prefer to choose a Toue at anchor.

In addition, the wearing of a life jacket is compulsory for children under 12 and all people who cannot swim when navigating in a boat on the water and traveling outside on the Toue cabin outside the cabin.

8. Pets

Animals are allowed in our accommodation (with a supplement) under the following conditions:

9. Personal effects and accommodation equipment

It is recommended not to leave valuables in the accommodation. The company disclaims all liability in the event of theft.
The tenant agrees to report any lost, broken, stolen or damaged equipment and is required to reimburse it.

10. Complaints and disputes

In order not to be held responsible for any shortcomings in the inventory of your accommodation, we ask you to report any shortcomings or deterioration to us immediately after your arrival.
This contract is governed by French law. Any disputes to which this contract could give rise, concerning its validity, interpretation, execution, termination, their consequences and their consequences will be submitted to the competent courts under the conditions of common law. After entering the company’s Customer Service and failing a satisfactory answer within 2 months, the customer can contact the Tourism and Travel mediator, whose contact details and referral procedures are available on his website:

11. Protection of personal data

In accordance with European regulation 2016/679 (RGPD), the confidentiality policy is accessible on the site in the legal notices.